Baokhungri Festival 2023, Kokrajhar

Baokhungri Festival 2023: An enormous event for 3 days celebrated in the month of April from 12 April to 14 April 2023 every year in the Kokrajhar District BTR, Assam.

Baokhungri Festival is much awaited fest for the localities and other public of BTR region. The fest is taking place from today, April 12th, until April 14th, 2023. On the last day of the Hindu year, which falls on April 14th, 2023, the exciting Baokhungri hill climbing event take place every year. This day is also known as Sankranti, and it is considered an auspicious day. The Baokhungri Festival is an important cultural event, and people from different backgrounds come to celebrate and participate in the hill climbing activity. It’s a great opportunity to experience the local culture, enjoy the natural beauty of the area, and have fun with friends and family. If you’re in the area during this time, don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this exciting festival!

Baokhungri Hill

The Baokhungri Hills is in a wildlife sanctuary called Chakrashila, located in Kokrajhar and Dhubri districts. This sanctuary is known for the Golden Langur, an endangered monkey. If you’re lucky, you might see some of them. The Golden Langur is also the symbol of Bodoland.

Baokhungri Festival 2023 Highlights

Festival NameBaokhungri Festival
Organized byBodoland Tourism, BTC Govt
Baokhungri Festival 2023 Date12 April 2023 to 14 April 2023
Festival LocationHarinaguri, Kokrajhar, BTR

Baokhungri Festival Promotional Video

Check out the promo video about Baokhungri festival 2023.

Baokhungri Festival 2023 Flag Hoisting

The BTC CEM, Pramod Boro inaugurated the mega 10th Baokhungri Festival 2023.

Baokhungri festival 2023 entrance gate

Baokhungri festival 2023 Program details

Baokhungri Festival Events 2023

Marathon Race Competition Race

The Baokhungri festival 2023 kicked off the day with flag hoisting along with other following rituals. The Competition started with the Marathon race for both male and female. Winner of the race will be awarded with good prizes.

Baokhungri Bicycle Competition

The sports and youth welfare Department organized Bicycle competition today i.e. 12 April 2023 under MTB 2.0 for the participant who are 18 years of age.

Baokhungri Hill Trekking

Baokhungri Hill Trekking is the main event of this festival, which is trekking in the Baokhungri hills. The hill came into spotlight when the government of BTC (Bodoland Territorial Council) started celebrating the Baokhungri festival officially from the year 2013.

For a long time, the Bodo people have been climbing the Baokhungri hill without any formal event, but it wasn’t known to many people. In 2013, the BTC government began celebrating the Baokhungri festival, and since then, the hill-trekking activity has become a popular attraction. The festival has brought together people from various backgrounds, and thousands of them come to climb the hill with a festive spirit to welcome the Bwisagu festival. It doesn’t matter what their caste, religion, or beliefs are, everyone is welcome to participate in the celebration. The festival has helped make the Baokhungri hill a more famous tourist spot, and it has become an essential part of the cultural heritage of the area.

Indigenous Game in Baokhungri Festival 2023

The Sports committee recognized the importance of preserving the historical game of Bodo Kacharis and organized an Indigenous game event to revive interest in it. The committee aimed to prevent the game from becoming extinct and to promote it as a cultural heritage. With careful planning, the committee recreated the game as a human experience that allowed players to interact with each other and fully immerse themselves in the gameplay. By doing so, the committee successfully rejuvenated the game and attracted a new generation of players who were interested in learning about the cultural significance of Bodo Kacharis.

The Indigenous Game in Baokhungri Festival 2023 are

  • Komlainai Competition
  • Daobo Aithing Competition
  • Gila Game
  • Daola Swolainai

Below we have shared some photos of the game and other photos of Baokhungri Festival 2023 which are going to be held have look.

Komlainai competition at Baokhungri Festival
Gila Game
Daola Swolainai Game
Dongpang Bukunai

Baokhungri festival 2023 Competition and Prices

In the table we have shared the list of competition name and prizes for the winners for the Baokhungri Festival 2023.

Competition NamePositionPrizes
Marathon Race Competition (Men and Women)1st
Rs. 25000
Rs. 15000
Rs. 10000
Cycle Competition (Men and Women)1st
Rs. 25000
Rs. 15000
Rs. 10000
Hill Trekking Competition (Men and Women)1st
Rs. 50000
Rs. 30000
Rs. 20000
Komlainai Competition (Men and Women)1st
Rs. 10000
Rs. 7000
Rs. 5000
Daobo Aithing Competition (Men and Women)1st
Rs. 10000
Rs. 7000
Rs. 5000


1. When was first Baokhungri festival celebrated?

The first Baokhungri festival was celebrated in 2013 in the month of April.

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